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Number of schools with fully support
and deliver formal education
118 Schools

Number of school we work within
438 Schools

Number of children we brought back to school:
43376 children

Informal Education:

Accelerated education programs: For children who use educational materials developed by specialists in Hurras network, focusing on mathematics and the Arabic language. Educational materials have also been used by other organizations working in the same context. The purpose of the intervention is to bring back children who are out of school or children at risk of dropping out. Using this program, a child can cover the main learning outcomes for mathematics and the Arabic language in 3 months instead of an entire school year.

Therapeutic programs: Hurras also offered post-education programs to make up for what they have missed, learn from home, and support lessons for children who have failed in two or more subjects to ensure they continue to have access to education and obtain the basic learning outcomes.

Corrective Programs: Hurras have provided, in partnership with IRC, Math education, literacy, and emotional social learning programs over the past year.

Programs managed by speech and language specialists: Over the past three years, guards have used self-learning materials developed by UNICEF as a therapeutic intervention, where teachers provide activities for students to work independently to complete assignments and achieve learning outcomes. Hurras in partnership with UNICEF, WCH, and the European Union have reached children in 65 schools in 2016-2019 using this approach.

Special needs Education: The guards have established the first Special needs Education Centre EG that provides services for 46 children with severe disabilities and provides specialized services using its referral pathway. These services include speech therapy, physiotherapy, technology, auxiliary tools and sign language. The team moved to Idlib and established a centre that continues to provide special services, early intervention and inclusion of children with severe disabilities in schools. The team has experience conducting assessments, developing individualized education plans, and multi-level responses to children’s individual needs.