Second of June, I got a call from a friend who has helped us a lot in serving children for years.

“Layla, I want to help one of the children to get back his hearing, can you help me?” This call changed Mahmoud’s life.

Case follower, Fouad, says: “Mahmoud was a calm child, who only communicated with some simple signs. From his looks, it seemed to me that he was a very intelligent child, watching the events around him with a childish clever look. When I asked his parents, they explained that he is not engaged as he doesn’t understand what happens around him because of his hearing impairment, he often cries because we do not understand what he wants, he created his own world, so he rarely communicates with us. He wakes up early every day with his siblings to say goodbye to them when they go to school, and often tears are scattered on his cheeks, begging to go with them.

Mahmoud is a ten-year-old boy, who was registered in the case management service, we followed-up with his parents on making audiograms, and the acquisition of two earphones”.

“I have not and will never forget that day, and how his feelings mixed after installing the hearing-aid device, when he started with teary eyes and a smiling mouth, noticing every sound and whisper, perhaps matching the images he had always composed with the voice he was not yet familiar with. He changed from the first session from a quiet child with sad looks to a child who looks for the source of any sound he hears. His parents expressed that they were so delighted after that day, and that they wished the quarantine period passed for Mahmoud to fulfill his desire to go to school with his brothers”.

Volunteers and donors have always been essential contributors to the service of children being cared for by the Child Guardians.

The protection team within the Child Guardians has been able to help 213 boy and girl suffering from hearing problems that negatively affect their development and integration into society since the beginning of 2020.

How can you help?