Rahaf works with Hurras Child Protection Network as Director of the Protection Department. Her responsibilities include Case management department, Psychological support teams, as well as Child Protection Officials and case reporting system.
A strong personality and a hard-working woman who enjoys self-confidence and an optimistic vision of life. Born in Damascus on August 17, 1982. She earned a Bachelor of Psychology from Damascus University. She also developed herself through several specialized courses in Psychosocial Support and Case Management as well as in Primary Psychological Care.
Rahaf played an important role in establishing of Hurras Network, where she helped in training the first group on psychosocial support for children by using games and fun activities.
Rahaf worked after graduation, as a trainer at the IMC Theatre of the Oppressed, which helps Iraqi refugees, and that was before the war in Syria, then she worked at the International Institute of Psycho-Social Development in Lebanon to help Syrian refugees, later she worked at Ihsan for Relief and Development in Turkey.
She developed psychosocial support programs to deal with anxiety and involuntary urination in children as one of her most valuable work.
Rahaf is an optimist regarding the humanitarian situation despite all catastrophes she witnessed through her life. She always says: “After every humanitarian disaster, the constructive energies rise again to reform life, and no matter how long the fire lasts, it must end someday to let the roses to bloom from underneath the ashes.”
Married and a mother of two children.