Born in 1991, Riyad’s interest in human rights in general, and in children’s rights in particular, began when he volunteered at the Center for Creative Activities for Children at the Syrian Red Crescent in 2008.

Riyad received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration – Human Resources Management – in 2013. He has since managed a number of projects in the commercial and non-profit sectors.

He participated in a number of international human rights conferences, and served as a consultant for Syrian civil society organizations in the fields of management, human resources and administration. Throughout his career, however, Riyad’s main focus remained on children’s rights within the context of Syria.

Riyad played a key role in transforming HRS from a community initiative into a registered non-profit organization with clear management and operational structures. In his current capacity as the CEO of HRS, his responsibilities include co-developing the network’s plans, supervising their execution, and allocating resources necessary to achieve the network’s objectives.

Riyad believes that protecting children’s basic rights is the basis of any healthy society. He always reminds his co-workers at HRS that they are human rights activists before they are employees.

Riyad is married and is the father of two children.